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"Volga Region Audit Center" LLC was established on 29 January 2008 by the initiative group of auditors who hold key positions in the auditing organizations and having experience in implementation of major projects for the purposes of audit and related services. At the forefront in providing these services were delivered compliance with formal criteria and the minimum requirements of the current legislation, with further issuance of formal opinions and represent clients in formal reports, but understanding the activities of customers on the basis of in-depth study of the state of businesses, and offer on it the basis of the ways of solving problems and quality of recommendations for improving the activity.

This resulted in qualifications for our staff, including certified auditors, candidates of economic sciences (Ph.D.), legal practitioners, having a positive experience in defending the interests of clients in courts and state agencies, experienced presenters of training courses for auditors and professional accountants and management staff of enterprises.

We have positive experience of cooperation in the field of auditing with major companies of the Republic of Tatarstan and Moscow's sphere of leisure and entertainment, hospitality, construction sector, manufacturing, trade, services, investments, asset management, municipal agencies, other non-profit organizations.

Specialists "Volga Region Audit Center" LLC regularly conduct seminars for accountants, senior organizations, repeatedly conducted seminars for mandatory training of professional accountants and auditors together with the specialized educational institutions of Tatarstan and Udmurtia.

"Volga Region Audit Center" LLC has the positive experience of handling claims against counterparties of clients, representing clients in regulatory bodies and in arbitration courts of various instances, including challenging tax penalties, debt recovery on contracts and unjust enrichment, to prevent hostile takeovers. Provides subscription services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs on legal, accounting, and tax areas.

"Volga Region Audit Center" LLC has experience in preparation of business plans and their review, due diligence as well. One of the main activities is the support of investment projects and business restructuring, which includes comprehensive advice and assistance in choosing the optimal form of the project, in the preparation of documentation for civil legal, accounting, tax issues with regard to the requirements of asset protection in the implementation of such projects, from the pre-analysis stage to the final stage.

Starting its activities on 29 January 2008 as a consulting organization, "Volga Region Audit Center" LLC additionally started to provide auditing services after obtaining a license for the performance of an audit No. Е009012 issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation dated 24 April 2008 No. 218. In connection with the abolition of licensing of audit activity and the introduction as a condition of providing audit services mandatory membership in self-regulating organization of auditors continued to work as a corporate member of a self-regulating organization "Guild of auditors of IPBR" ORNZ 11004005823, and later self-regulatory organization of auditors "Audit Association Sodruzhestvo" ORNZ 11206053527. Currently time after re-registration March 10, 2015 "Volga Region Audit Center" LLC operates as a corporate member of self-regulating organization of auditors "Audit Association Sodruzhestvo" ORNZ 11506021931 and accumulating positive experience of strategic partnership with our clients.



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Audit of financial statements / information and advice




Representing clients in courts and public bodies


Tax planning and optimization


Consolidation Reporting


Maintenance of off-site tax audits


Formulation of Tax Accounting


Formulation of management accounting


Accounting Policy


Preparing a business plan







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